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Transmission Repair / Replacement Bellevue

If you have a transmission problem, we discuss your car or truck’s problem, road test your car and examine the transmission pan to determine if your transmission problem can be repaired without the transmission being removed from the vehicle. Many times, transmission problems are not as serious as they seem. Most of today’s vehicles have transmissions that are computer controlled. Often these computer-controlled transmissions only need to be serviced, or have a wire connector cleaned or repaired. Before any transmission repairs are done, a trained technician must interface with the vehicle’s computer. The resulting diagnostic codes will give the specially trained technician the information he needs to make legitimate recommendations on the vehicle’s service needs. This eliminates wasting our customer’s time and money. If it is necessary for your transmission to be removed, we will review all of the available options with you including repair, rebuilding, or replacement. Bellevue Transmission also offers custom transmission rebuilding, complete clutch, differential, transmission coolers, transfercase, axel and wheel bearing services. All work at Bellevue Transmission is performed by trained and certified, courteous technicians, and all work we do is warranted for 3 full years or 50,000 miles and is honored nationwide. Bellevue Transmission offers free towing with rebuild or replacement services and local drop-offs for our customers. Some people say that old-fashioned service is a thing of the past. At Bellevue Transmission, we know that isn’t true. We put in honest, professional hard work on every project. At Bellevue Transmission, we promise that we will:

  • answer every question you have, no matter how small
  • make sure you understand why we do the work we do
  • explain everything in terms anyone can understand
  • provide friendly, fast service
  • make your experience as stress-free as possible
  • provide the best transmission repair services

We want you as one of our satisfied customers! This is why we’ll be here for you for years to come. If there is a service you require that is not listed above, please call.
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